Room selection at Merrill Farm Resort includes:
Inn Rooms, Standard or Whirlpool, Lofts or Cabins

Choose the type of room for you and your family.
(Please click ON the photo of the desired room type for complete selection and details.)
Merrill Farm Inn-Rooms
To your left is an example of one of our nine different Inn rooms, each with their own character.
Click on the photo for a complete viewing of each room.
Family Loft Rooms
The photo to your right shows one of our very comfortable family lofts, of which we have two styles with accomodations for up to eight people.
Click on the photo for detail.
Standard & Whirlpool Rooms
Below is an example of our Standard or Motel-style rooms. Some with pull-out sofas.
Click on the photo for details.
The photo below shows the interior of one of our very comfortable family cabins of which
there are a couple of styles.
For reservations please call 1-800-445-1017
or, dial 1-603-447-3866 for calls outside of the U.S.
428 White Mountain Highway, North Conway, NH 03860